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Stallion is a new open-source content management system designed from the ground up for performance, stability, and customization. Use it to run anything from a simple blog to a corporate web site to a custom web application. Stallion is still under heavy development. Subscribe to our email list to get notified when we hit our launch milestones.

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I want to ...

Write a simple, flat-file web site or blog.

With Stallion Flat, you can write a simple website using plain text files. Write your templates in jinja, and your pages and posts in markdown. Publish with a simple command.

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Create a web site for an organization.

With Stallion Publisher, you can create a full-blown organization or corporate web presence. Stallion provides the power of Wordpress, but with much better security, performance, and usability.

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Build a custom web application.

Stallion is not just a content management system, but is a web framework too. Write RESTful API's in either Java or server-side Javascript. Jumpstart your app with a batteries-included framework.

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Need something built for you?

We offer professional development services. We can build you custom web sites or web applications on top of Stallion.

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Want a sneak preview?

You can view the Stallion code on GitHub. Be warned it is still a construction site -- wear your hardhat at all times!

You can also start reading the documentation. Again, be warned, it is incomplete and subject to change.

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