Stallion File Blog

Stallion TextBlog is a simple, file-based, text-based web site and blog engine. Write your pages, blog posts and templates in plain text files using an editor of your choice. Manage your site content in git or dropbox or any other file storage system. Then publish to a server with a single command.

Key Features

Dynamic code

View your changes instantly. Never regenerate your site. Customize with server-side code.

Fast. Very Fast.

Serves 500+ complex, dynamic pages per second on a $5 box. Median request time is 5 milliseconds. Runs on the JVM to take advantage of additional CPU cores.

Write content in markdown using your favorite editor

Stallion is file based so you can write your blog posts and pages in any editor. Templates are based on jinja.

Manage your site with Git

All content, templates, plugins, and configuration live in flat-files. You can manage your whole site with git, and publish easily via the command-line.

Best practices baked in

Automatic asset bundling with cache busting URLs means speedy page loads with no extra work on your part.

Stallion is still being developed. If you want to know when it is ready for use, give us your email. (We won't spam you, promise):

And in the mean time, read the blog and follow us on Twitter